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Heartwarming Story of Misty LeBlanc

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Today I was reminded of a blog I came across back in September. This is no ordinary blog. This blog is written by Darren, who lost his wife Misty to brain cancer in September. After reading through many of his posts, I found my eyes welling with tears. Never have I ever read a blog that was so real and profound. Darren has touched my heart with his story. You may find his words touching as well.

To read his blog, go to The post that captivated me the most is Misty’s last picture, which I found in September, but can’t seem to find now. I commend Darren for having the courage to spill his life story onto “paper” for the world to see. While I debated if it was appropriate to blog about this, I feel that he is doing so to spread awareness about brain cancer as well as to encourage others to realize just how precious life really is.


To donate to the Anthem of Hope project, an organization devoted to those facing illness, please click here.


“AEIOFU” Irritable Vowels T-Shirt

Coworker sent me the link to this t-shirt, which gave me a chuckle. Check it out:


Printed on American Apparel clothing and comes in Women’s and Men’s sizes. Purchase one for $20 + S&H from T-Shirt Mojo.

United States Army 2008 Year in Photos


This annual year-end special features the best of’s feature photos, drawn from a variety of Defense Department sources. These photos capture the essence of America’s Army – the Soldiers and their Families – the Strength of the Nation.

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Fat Americans, Fatter Portion Sizes

Typical All-American Burger

Typical All-American Burger

With many restaurants and fast food chains offering meals that can be two to three times larger than a single serving, it’s no surprise that America’s nationwide obesity crisis is in full effect. For a reality check, learn about what a portion size really should be.

1 Serving of meat, fish, or poultry:

Deck of Cards

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[VIDEO] YouTube All Aboard the Fail Train

Car Review: 2009 Toyota Camry


I’ve been borrowing my mother’s car for the past two days while my car gets worked on at the shop in Delaware (tax-free). She is the proud owner of a 2009 Toyota Camry. Wow. Just wow. This car is wonderful. I am in love with how smoothly it drives. I also realized that much of my stress driving in the D.C. area stems from my current car, a 1998 Honda Accord EX. To compare a 2009 model with a 1998 model is kind of unfair, but I will tell you what I love about the Camry:

  • Smooth ride. Great and fast acceleration in 0-60 seconds. This is especially important when I’m merging on to major highways in D.C. (or anywhere for that matter).
  • Comfortable driver seat. I do a lot of distance driving, which pains me in my current car. I am shorter, so my legs don’t rest comfortably in my Honda. However, the Camry’s power seats allow me to find the sweet spot for maximum comfort.
  • Keyless remote entry. I’m still getting used to this one. As long as I have the key buried in my purse or pocket, I can walk up with my hands full and instantly get in the car. The doors unlock when you stand near them and even automatically open for you. Okay, not really. But, I love that you can walk up in the freezing weather and not have to stand there for an extra minute searching for the key.
  • Instant start-up. Once I’m in the car, I still don’t ever have to pull my key out. I can start the car with the push of a button, just as long as my foot is on the brake.

For all that this sleek and sexy car does, I only wish I could have one now. It even comes in a Hybrid, which would be ideal for my commute into D.C. (Hybrids are exempt from the HOV law — Check to see if your state is on the list). Sure, I’ll give some other cars a chance, but I’ve got a good feeling about this one.

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