Just one of those days


You ever have one of those days where it seems like everything is going wrong?

The downfall of my day started after work. I volunteer at a homeless shelter and am responsible for running several after-school programs for elementary-high schoolers. I’ll tell you, some of these kids have an attitude that I would never wish upon anyone. I feel for these kids, but they act out of rebellion and it’s absolutely uncalled for. Because of their behavior, they have driven out volunteers and even the lead program coordinator. Anyway, the second hour of my program, I had a rough time trying to keep the teens under control. I left feeling flustered, but kept my spirits up knowing that I was about to hit the gym with my beloved Marcus (we motivate each other, which makes it enjoyable to work out).

I picked up Marcus and we hit the road. He started to explain to me that he was frustrated with the Internet speed at my apartment. Just before I had picked him up, he was working on a time-sensitive issue for work and couldn’t seem to get the job done quick enough. The Internet was apparently going at an all-time slow speed due to the fact that I had downgraded to save a buck. Deep inside I felt kind of guilty that my decision made him feel this way, but I wasn’t letting it get to me. Or was I? Little did I know…

Anyway, we arrived at the gym. A side note: I must say I had my best work out since I joined several weeks ago. I ran 3 miles in 35 min; almost a 12 min/mile. While this may not necessarily be a great time, this is great for my own personal goal. I’m slowly working toward a 10 min/mile without getting cramps. I’m notorious for getting those while I run; it all comes down to breathing from what I hear. Overall, the gym was a positive experience, until I got in the car to drive back.

I’m driving us home and my dad calls me to tell me that he just got his new VW Jetta (great news!). He tells me that he’ll be picking it up tomorrow. The only problem is he works in Arlington, but lives in Delaware where the new car awaits. He proceeds to tell me that some of my stuff is in his trunk and needs to be moved ASAP into my car, so that he can have an empty car to trade in tomorrow. The only time that I can get the stuff in the trunk is tomorrow morning before he leaves for work at 6am. Great, looks like I’ll be leaving my house at 5:30 to do 5 seconds worth of transferring items. Mind you, while this conversation is taking place, I’m still driving and of course, someone proceeds to cut me off. A few cuss words later I come to the realization that I am an aggressive driver.

:: sigh ::

Marcus and I arrive home to start prepping dinner. He immediately tells me in a serious voice, “I know you’re going to be angry with me, but I have to tell you…” I’m thinking, “Oh God, what happened? Is everything okay?” He points to something on my coffee table and as I come closer I notice a slight dent. Looks like the slow internet really affected him. Turns out he took out his frustration on a coaster that was lying on the poor, innocent IKEA coffee table. I was noticeably disappointed and returned to the kitchen to finish making dinner. As we discuss temper issues, I’m making a ham and cheese melt in the toaster oven. Marcus, being the affectionate man he is, goes to grab something in the fridge and leans over to kiss me only to bump his head on the fridge door handle.

Strike #1.

I turn around to console him and he trips over his foot and bangs into the fridge door. *insert laughter here*

Strike #2.

The toaster oven dings and I attempt to remove the pipping hot sandwich with my fingers. However, Marcus stepped in to help and we both ended up slightly burning our fingers.

Strike #3.

At this point, with the thought of “nothing going right” brewing in my mind, I got short and asked Marcus to go sit down. For the next 5 minutes, I finished making my dinner and joined Marcus on the couch. We looked at each other and silence spoke. A slight smile formed from our mouths and we chuckled.

It’s these times that your attitude can make a difference. I smile at Marcus explaining that I am disappointed, but that it is nothing different than a child crying to mommy and daddy about breaking a beloved household item. He apologized and promised he’d make it up to me starting with a new table (com’on now? a new table, I don’t think that’s necessary).

Moral of the story? A slow internet yields a small dent in a $50 IKEA coffee table and tells a great story about the simple nuances of life that can tick us all, or at least Marcus 🙂

To Marcus: thanks for letting me blog about our life, I love you more than words can describe.


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