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Waiting for Photoshop to Open…

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Tumblr: A Place to Dump My Wedding Ideas

Apple Votive Candles

Apple Votive Candles

I’m always coming across things I love and gotta have, but most of all don’t want to forget! Thanks to a trusty coworker, she turned me on to Tumblr. Tumblr is a place that I’m using to dump all the photos, links, and blogs that I come across for wedding inspiration. Most of it is fall-inspired wedding ideas. Go on, have a look at my ‘tumblelog.’ Have any fun wedding or party ideas you want to share? I’m all ears!

#triviatuesday on Twitter


Some of my fellow followers and I thought it would be fun to start something new on Twitter and it’s called Trivia Tuesday. Ask a question followed by the hashtag: #triviatuesday. It’s the same idea as other Twittter hashtags like #followfriday, #flirtyfriday, #flickrmonday, etc. Here’s how it works. Ask your Twitter audience a question, like

“Name this movie: ‘I’m the lobster — FIRST lobster in the nativity play.’ #triviatuesday”

New @reply tweets should generate as people answer the question. By the way, the answer is Love, Actually. Go ahead, play along. Ask questions like:

  • Name the movie
  • Locate this place
  • Name this restaurant
  • Brain teasers

Tweet away and don’t forget to add the hashtag, #triviatuesday!

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Dollar Bill Art

I came across a rather unique post on Twitter, “Art for a Dollar” thanks to @DivineCaroline. A tattoo artist by the name of Scott Campbell, has a signature style, which has been etched via laser beams into stacks of dollar bills. Check out a few of his designs:




Check out the full post by DivineCaroline, “Art for a Dollar.”

Vending Machine Makes Pizza in 2.5 Minutes

Looks like Pizza Hut may be getting a run for their money. Apparently there is a new type of vending machine on the market that makes piping hot pizza pies in less than three minutes for only around $5 bucks. There are four different types of pizza and each are made fresh; the robot prepares the dough, pours the sauce, sprinkles the cheese and bakes. The vending machine is currently only in Europe (Italy), but the owner plans to bring it to America. Check out the photos for yourself:



You can view the full article at, “Pizza-making vending machine serves fresh pies in three minutes.

Unique Hotels of the World

Think of the most unique type of hotel you could possibly stay and it most likely exists. Here are a few unconventional places to call it a night:
Poseidon Underwater Hotel

Poseidon Underwater Hotel



Icehotel, located 200 km above the Arctic Circle

Icehotel, located 200 km above the Arctic Circle

Exploranter Hotel on wheels that tours South America

Exploranter Hotel on wheels that tours South America

Drain Pipe Hotel in Austria

Drain Pipe Hotel in Austria

Safariland Tree House Resort

Safariland Tree House Resort in India

To find more unique hotels, check out Unusual Hotels of the World.

Temperature-Sensitive Glass Tiles


Home decor at an extreme? These individually hand-made temperature-sensitive glass tiles are a new item on the market. Colors vary according to the temperature of whatever comes into contact with it (ie. your hand, water, air temperature). Think mood rings.

It utilizes Moving Color™ technology and can be purchased online through Inventables. A single 4x4x3/8” tile runs roughly $16 and a square foot runs about $150. Have a specific size, design, or color in mind? You can have tiles custom-made according to your taste. It is also a green product and uses 20 – 80% recycled glass. They are marketed for use on floors, walls, and countertops.  Take a look:



Thanks to bookofjoe for his original post. I’m a big fan design-wise, but realistically speaking? I think it’s too pricey of a product. What are your thoughts?

Amazing Crayon Art by Christian Faur

As a follow up to the post about construction paper art, here is the amazing crayon art of Christian Faur as discovered on the website. Apparently this creative father was inspired by his daughter’s box of crayons back in 2005 and has been doing it ever since.




Check out more at Christian Faur’s website.

Construction Paper Art Like You’ve Never Seen Before



Construction art like you’ve never seen before. I wonder how many hours Jen Stark put into these creations? Check out more at PJ LightHouse’s blog.

Designer’s Tabletop Electric Stove


Came across this retro-looking table top stove that folds up and stows away easily. It’s called the “Cooka.” Here’s an excerpt from Yanko Design:

“Cooka takes away the theory that silver is only meant for cutlery and ornamental purposes. This unique tabletop electrical cooking device uses silver in its design quite generously. Banking on its thermal conductivity properties, the cooking plates use the metal effectively to heat up the utensils fast and cool down the unit even faster.

The distinctive design of Cooka makes it resemble a table mat and quite like it, you can fold it up and stow it away, till the next cooking session. The silver plates are surrounded by tiny holes that constantly blow out a stream of hot air around the utensil, so that excess heat is not lost during cooking”

Read more at YankoDesign.

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