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Every day is Valentine’s Day, right?


With the creation of this Hallmark holiday, our American culture has generally come to terms that it’s important to celebrate this holiday with or without a loved one. Preferably with, right? Correct me if I’m wrong, but the ultimate Valentine’s Day includes the following:

  • Romantic candlelit dinner that consists of your sweetie’s favorite entree and side dishes.
  • Sweet and savory heart-shaped dessert.
  • A dozen long-stemmed red roses.
  • Box of rich dark chocolates.
  • Hallmark card filled with heartfelt words about your relationship.
  • A romantic comedy and/or some type of fun, spontaneous activity.

Well, despite having the love of my life, this year, the two of us have decided not to partake in any of these activities. It’s a concept I haven’t considered before until now, but I think it’s worth a shot. After a long discussion last night about the significance of the holiday, it makes sense that a couple’s love should be celebrated all year long. I suppose I’m a little bummed that we won’t be doing anything on February 14th, but I am willing to compromise. His argument is that Valentine’s Day forces pressure on the man to drop a good chunk of his paycheck on marked-up presents and a full-course meal out at a fancy restaurant. My argument is, why not take the time to be extra romantic? It’s fun to look forward to something out of the ordinary. I think it’s the spice of life. His take? It’s a pseudo-love holiday. It imposes the unreal on the real.

Want to show your love? Act on it when it’s least expected. Not when society tells you to do so.

What’s your take on Valentine’s Day? Love it or hate it? Or, are you like me, where you could go either way?

10 Days til Christmas…

clark-griswold-treeHave you done all your holiday shopping? I haven’ t quite yet. I’m waiting until I go up to Delaware so that I can do some tax-free shopping.

I’m still having trouble finding something for my father. Any one have ideas for what to get a man on Christmas? I heard somewhere that I should just get something he already has, but better.

Advice greatly appreciated!

[PIC] Robot Toothbrush Holder

So cool, makes me wish I were a kid again.


Just ordered one for my cousins for $8 bucks! Find it at Urban Outfitters.

Turkey Day Recap


Our fabulous turkey.

Thanksgiving was a unique for my family this year. Instead of doing Thanksgiving at home, we went to my boyfriend’s parents house, or as I like to say, my hopeful future in-laws. 🙂 Chris and I woke up in the morning and helped his parents do the last-minute turkey day cooking. I made pumpkin bread from Libby’s Pumpkin Bread Kit. It turned out wonderfully, although I will add raisins and a little bit of nutmeg next time. I also made honey butter from a recipe on my favorite cooking website:

My dad brought his famous cranberry relish with orange zest soaked with a “special” marinade a.k.a. a cup of Grand Marnier. Of course, my parents also came bearing gifts: Jack Daniels and wine for the host and hostess. Overall it was a relaxing day filled with food, drinks, games (we played Taboo), football, and movies.

Family on Thanksgiving Day

Family on Thanksgiving Day

Holiday Gift Ideas

With the holidays approaching, I’m sure you’ve been thinking about what to get your family and friends. Usually I’ll brainstorm on my drive to and from work only to forget what I thought about once I reach paper and pen. Thanks to blogging, I can use this as a way to track cool gift ideas I’ve come across:

MoMA Cutting Board

MoMA Cutting Board

Bean Bag Cell Phone Chair

Mobi Designer Sandwich Bag

Mobi Designer Sandwich Bag



Thumb Thing

Thumb Thing

  • BIG Sound Speakers for your iPod (I love miniature and gigantic versions of the real thing)
BIG Sound Speakers

BIG Sound Speakers

Wacky Websites Desk Calendar

Wacky Websites Desk Calendar

Looking back at that list, it resonates with my “gifts should be practical” philosophy. Now, if you’re like me where you’re looking for low-budget gift ideas, here are some homemade food ideas I’ve come up with:

  • Cookie swap with coworkers
  • Pretzel wafers with melted hershey kisses topped with an M&M (great sweet & salty combination)
  • Mini tinfoil bread pans filled with homemade sweets
  • Pretzel nuggets w/ dry ranch dressing pack

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